The Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building


The San Francisco Ferry Building was first built in 1898 as our primary transportation center and port. It was renovated in 2003 and became one of the most popular sites for foodies and tourists alike to visit. The Ferry Building is filled with cute little culinary specialty shops where they sell local wine, local and specialty cheeses, fresh bread, meats, and organic fruits and vegetables. The Ferry Building is also home to some very distinct and famous restaurants such as Taylor's Automatic Refresher (gourmet hamburgers and awesome milkshakes!) and The Slanted Door (modern Vietnamese food). Every Saturday, the most famous farmer's market in San Francisco is held here. Farmers, bakers, and cooks come from all over California to bring us locally grown fruits and vegetables, locally made cheeses and breads, and yummy gourmet goods.


If you come here though, do not bring your dog, they are not allowed! And even if they were I still wouldn't bring your dog because this place gets very very crowded. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is walk down to the ferry building to people watch and look at all the yummy things offered at all the stands. I don not usually buy too many things at this farmer's market though, because it is very very expensive.


There are stands that offer fresh flowers. The sunflowers are my absolute favorite. They are so simple, yet so very beautiful.


There are stands that offer every kind of heirloom tomato you could ever dream of!


And the fruit is so amazing! So ripe!


So fresh!


So exotic and beautiful. One of the best parts about the farmer's market is all the yummy fruit samples. I love sampling all of the different kinds of peaches and apples and exotic fruits they have to offer. Of course I always spoil my breakfast, but it's so worth it.


And the vegetables! I always come here thinking maybe I'll get some ideas as to what to cook for dinners during the week and I always get overwhelmed by the variety they have to offer.


They have a lot of fruits that I have never tried before, like these little tiny squash things.


And these tiny baby corns.


and these purple green beans!


The assortment is just amazing, and the presentation is always spectacular.


My favorite stands are the bakeries, with their freshly baked banquettes and pastries. I love bread! The San Francisco Farmer's Market is a very fun and lively place to visit, but just remember to bring a lot of cash with you because it is definitely not cheap!

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