Meet My In-laws!

The best part about going down to Southern California is getting to visit my husbands family. It's a small family, but I love every one of them!


This is Briana, Eddie's sister. She is 24 years old, loves boys, drinking anything with alcohol in it, school, and being grown up. She has down syndrome but is very high functioning and so much fun! She is going to a special college, Tufts. At Tufts, they teach her life skills. She lives in her own apartment , she walks to school, she even takes a two hour bus by herself home during holidays. She is always the life of the party, always tells you what is on her mind (good or bad!) and absolutely loves everyone!


This is Nancy, Eddie's mother. Isn't she gorgeous? She is also very very sweet and a very good mother. When I have kids someday I'm definitely turning to her for help!


And look at that hair! So smooth and sleek! I keep asking her what her secret is...she said good genes...darn!


I have a lot of pictures of Nancy....she's very photogenic.


And this is Steve, Eddie's father. He's always giving someone a hard time...this time it's our poor dog. But secretly, we know he loves our little guy!


He's the life of the party...always making everyone laugh...always providing lots of entertainment.


And then there's Eddie. He definitely has both of his father and mother in him. His father's good looks....his mother's poise....and patience. Lucky for me.... he got all of their good qualities!

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