Having Fun in the Car with my Camera and the Window Open!

I got a little bored on the car ride to LA. There wasn't much to do since the windows were wide open (we didn't have air conditioning) and we were going at least 80mph so the wind was blowing so hard we couldn't listen to the radio. So I decided to take some pictures of myself, with the wind blowing my hair. I couldn't get the picture perfect, so I took a lot of them. After awhile, I realized that it was kind of fun to take pictures of my hair as it got increasingly more wild from the ferocious wind.


At first it was fairly tame.


Even cute....almost!


Ok I look like I have really broad shoulders there....It's the angle...I promise!


The wind felt really good on my face.


Slowly I started to have that windblown look.


Woah! The wind really picked up there!


Ok it calmed down again....and my hair almost looks normal and tame! Although my face looks very tan, I look like I just got back from tanning all day at the beach!


Then it starts to get a little crazy.


Woah there! My hair is really going wild now!


Help me....I can't see....my hair is starting to take over my face!


Just smile Katie....maybe no one will notice!


This is me trying to look sexy...is it working? No? Darn....


I don't really know what happened here.....but I thought it looked kinda cool!


Look out...it's cousin IT!!!!


Do you have any idea how hard it was to brush out the knots in my hair from this? I had to condition my hair three times! But is was fun....and it felt really good...so it was worth it!

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