The Spin Bike, My Favorite Workout Tool!


I have met so many people that are deathly afraid of this little machine. Why? They picture people sweating like crazy, faces screwed up, looking like they are in excruciating pain, and they think "there is no way I'm putting myself through that!"

Now I'm not going to say that spinning is not a kick ass workout is! That's why I love it. You will definitely get results with a spin bike and it takes a lot of self control and ability to push yourself beyond your comfort level. But the great thing about the spin bike and spinning classes are that you can go at your own pace! No one is driving the bike but yourself. Yes, the instructor might say "speed up" or "add resistance" but it doesn't mean you have to do it! You control how hard you push yourself.

I always tell beginners that have never taken a spin class before or even used a spin bike, to set it at a pace that is comfortable and keep it there for the whole class. Do not increase the resistance or your speed during your first class. Just get used to the bike, how it feels to ride it. Take it slow, that is how you will learn to love this tool the way I do.

Spin classes are offered at pretty much every single gym, so check one out at your nearest gym. Don't belong to a gym? Find a friend that does and accompany her as a guest.

Just not comfortable enough to take an entire class? Borrow one of the spin bikes during a time when they are not using them for classes and practice on your own. My favorite thing to do is to put on my headphones, listen to my ipod, and just ride the bike. I usually do intervals of high and low resistance, or short sprints but if you have never used it before, just ride it, get used to it.

If you want to see results, if you want to lose weight, you have to be able to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and get your heart rate way up. The spin bike is a great way to do that! Good luck and remember to have fun!

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