Dinner At Miranda's

My friend Miranda is an awesome cook. And she loves to throw dinner parties. So I went over to her house the other day for one of her famous dinner parties, and of course, she didn't disappoint! This is a little insight into what a dinner party at Miranda's is like.


First of all, this is Miranda. Isn't she cute! Yes she looks very feisty here...because she is feisty.....raurrrrrrrr!


This is Veronica, she is a friend of ours that was also at the dinner party. She was in charge of making mojitos. One thing about Miranda's dinner parties...there is always plenty of alcohol...and drinking!


The appetizer: spicy jalapeno marinated chicken wings with a homemade blue cheese dressing. They were so tender and so yummy!


This is max, Miranda's Pomeranian...isn't he such a Cutie!


Here is Miranda busy in the kitchen....I couldn't take too many pictures of her cooking because I was driving her crazy!


The entree: marinated pork ribs.....her special secret recipe. I can't tell you what she does but they are to die for!


Especially with some homemade yummy coleslaw!


Here is veronica again....with her cousin....they are happy because they are full.


And of course what is a dinner party without desert? My very own homemade blueberry peach pie with homemade vanilla ice cream!

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