Houston's and Fog City Diner...A Crazy Night



Wow! What a crazy night Eddie and I had on Friday! We decided to splurge and go out to dinner. We decided to go to Houston's. I know what you are thinking...Houston's is a chain not a San Francisco Restaurant! I know! But it's so good! And swanky! And there is no corkage fee so we can get blitzed and not go broke!!! Now, before I go on I have to warn you that these pictures are not my best! I have not figured out how to use my camera at night or in dark restaurants!


Anyway, We decided to take advantage of the no corkage fee rule an brought our own wine. We brought a 2005 Stags' Leap Winery Nine Points Cabernet Sauvignon. Now I am definitely no wine expert. I can tell cheap bad wine from decent wine, but that is about as far as my wine tasting expertise goes. Eddie and I decided on this wine because it was on sale from $35 to $19.99. And it was pretty good! It was very smooth for a cab, not to acidic. I really liked it!


For an appetizer we got cheese toast (Eddie LOVES cheese!) It was pretty good, very mild. But we were starving so it hit the spot.


As an entree I got the crab cakes, which came with a mustard sauce, cole slaw, and potato fries. It was very good!


Eddie got the 14oz. ribeye steak with garlic mashed potatoes. Although Houston's is usually very good, Eddie was quite disappointed with this meal. He asked for it medium and it came very very rare. Houston's is very efficient, they got our food to us very fast it was fresh. I think it's because there is usually a long wait and the more people they can cram in each night the more money they make. But I was starving so I'm really glad they got the food out fast!


We usually get dessert at Houston's. They have AMAZING desserts. But walking to Houston's we walked the Fog City Diner. And people were drinking milkshakes that looked so good. Since we had never been there before, we thought we would check it out. We go the turtle sundae. Doesn't it look good!


Here let me give you a closer picture. Yum! Although it was very good. This dessert has nothing on Houston's desserts.


We were having a good night and we didn't want it to end. So we decided to have another drink. Eddie ordered us shots of patron. I do not take shots. I have never been able too.


But I did this night! And this is actually my second shot! I forgot to take a picture of the first one. By this time we were feeling pretty good! And the restaurant was pretty cleared out, so we made friends with the bartender.


Who made us more drinks.


This is his signature drink. He calls it "The Mexican Passion" It has fresh lime, Chambord, pineapple juice, and Herraduras Tequila. It was pretty good. His motto is "After three, that's when you feel the passion!" It was so funny! He was awesome. Anyway, this is my last picture, although the night went on for some time longer. More drinks at Fog City Diner. We eventually got kicked out cause we shut the place down. Then our friend came over and we kept drinking at home. It was a fun night.....but not a very fun next morning :)

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