A Dinner Out with Family and Some Unexpected Friends


Delancey Street Restaurant. If you have never heard of it it is one of the best secrets we have found in the city. Every chance we get we try to take everyone we know here. Delancey Street Restaurant was opened by the Delancey Street Foundation, the country's largest self help residential organization for people who have hit rock bottom to completely rebuild their lives. The Delancey Street Foundation provides a home and all services to the residents at no cost to the residents or tax payers. They earn all of their money through this restaurant and other enterprises they have started. All of these enterprises are run by the residents being cared for by the Delancey Street Foundation. The Delancey Street Restaurant is a training facility to teach these residents working skills that they can use to get jobs and get back on their feet. Now do you see why I love this restaurant? But it gets better! Because these residents are trying to rebuild their lives and reputations the service is so friendly and nice. Surprisingly, the food is really really good. And the best part is that it's super cheap! Good, cheap food! Something that is hard to come by in San Francisco!

Last Sunday, my mom was in the city seeing a show, so she stopped by to see me and she brought some friends.


This is Phyllis, she is my grandmother's best friend, they've known each other since high school! Isn't that amazing!


The woman on the right is Phyllis's daughter, Terry. On the left is Terry's daughter Kara. Three generations of women! I was so excited and thought, "what a perfect opportunity to go to Delancey Street for a yummy dinner!"

The food is awesome, it's American cuisine with southern and Asian accents. They offer awesome BBQ items and even a health conscious low cal menu. The only thing I will say is that they do not put salt on any of their food so it can be bland sometimes.


Phyllis got the crab cakes, an item on their low fat menu.


Kara got the pasta primavera with homemade tomato sauce and fresh basil.


My mom, the pickiest of us all got the pesto and smoked chicken pizzette.


Look! Even she was happy!


And I got the Mediterranean chicken and olives with Israeli couscous.

It was very Yummy!

And what is dinner without dessert? Since we are all women and need to maintain our girlish figures we decided to split two desserts between the five of us.


Creme Brulee...


and tiramisu. After dinner we were all stuffed and oh so happy. And the best part of it was that all of this food came out to $66!!!!

Anyone want to come visit me in San Francisco? I'll take you to a great fancy meal!

To find out more about the Delancey Street Foundation and their restaurant, click here.

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