The Fillmore...and The Faint!

Eddie and I are the type of people who never say no to good food, good company, and music. So when our friends Ken and Cerina asked us if we wanted to go see The Faint in concert at the Fillmore we jumped at the chance. Who is The Faint? I had no idea until Monday, August 4th. But before I get into The Faint and their music, I want to talk about The Fillmore. Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in the concert or venue, so the pictures here are not my own.

The Fillmore is a historic music venue in San Francisco made famous by Bill Graham. All of the best, most infamous bands have played at The Fillmore. It's a really awesome venue, very small and intimate. They have artists make posters of all the bands that play there and give them out at the end of their concerts. The posters from past concerts are plastered all over their walls and it's really cool to look around and see all the famous bands that have played there. They also have a barrel of apples in the foyer for you to enjoy at the end of the concert. Apparently this is has been a tradition since the Fillmore opened. A friend told me that Jerry Garcia started it although I have no idea if this is actually true. Either way it's a random, but pretty cool tradition, especially since I LOVE apples. And let me tell you, there is nothing like a refreshing apple after a long night of jumping around, head banging, sweaty people, and loud music!

The venue, is quite conspicuous, easily missed if you don't know where you are going. Tucked away in the western addition, smack dab in the middle of Japan Town in San Francisco, it's named after the street it's located on: Fillmore street.

And the best part about The Fillmore? The Food of course! They have awesome awesome food! And the menu changes with each concert that plays. The food is fresh and healthy. I got the fish tacos and they were soooo yummy! I have never had bar, concert food so good in my life! Man I wish I had my camera there so I could show you how good the food was!

So anyways...on to The Faint. I had never heard about this band before I went to their concert. And after I heard their music, I realized why. It's a dance punk/ new wave band. I don't listen to dance punk...or new wave. The concert was fun though. The opening bands were crazy! I was kinda drunk so I don't really remember them. All I remember is that the first band had a guy playing a keytar! How awesome is that! And the second band was a two person band with a crazy chick for a singer who liked to trance around the stage flaying her arms...I think she was on drugs. The faint had so many disco lights and crazy flashing lights everywhere I'm surprised nobody had a seizure! It looked pretty cool though. Although not really my type of music, I had alot of fun! Apparently, they came out with a new CD today.


This is the album cover. And if you want to hear one of the songs from the new CD go here and click on "the geeks were right video."

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