Wine With Dinner Thursdays III

lambrusco This is a Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro from Barbolini. Barbolini does not have a website (as far as I can tell) but you can easily search and buy this wine online if you cannot find it in your local wine shop.  This Italian wine is very unique and special. It is a luscious red wine…with… du du dunnnnnn….carbonation!

This wine is made from Grasparossa grapes grown on vineyards in the ancient “Giardini” road of Italy, where the special “white soils” are found. It is full of body, yet well rounded, and slightly sweet. The carbonation gives this sweet wine the extra body it needs to be perfectly paired with spicy foods.


I decided to pair this wine with a spicy dish that TDH whipped up for me one night as an experiment. I absolutely loved it and have made it again since then. This may look like your standard pasta with sausage and tomato sauce but it is not my friends! This little pasta dish has had chipotle peppers in adobo sauce chopped up and added to it. What you get is a very spicy and delicious pasta dish that has turned into one of my favorite weeknight meals! I have pasted my version of this recipe below. Enjoy!

pasta with chipotle tomato sauce

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gnslngr said...

I think my mouth is still burning from this so good.