Mr. Snowmug and Nancy’s Italian Wedding Soup


I have a thing with extremely large mugs. I love them. They are perfect for tea, I love filling them with my morning fruit, granola, and yogurt parfait, and I absolutely love eating soup out of them. This is one of my favorite mugs, it’s my Mr. Snowmug. I do not remember where I got him from but when filled with soup he always makes me feel very warm and toasty on a cold winter night.


This is Mr. Snowmug filled with one of my favorite soups. This is my mother-in-laws Italian wedding soup. Whenever we visit TDH’s parents down in Southern California I am always sent home with a large Tupperware container filled with her famous tomato sauce with meatballs or this Italian wedding soup. She makes it with ground beef meatballs and egg square pasta and although it is very tasty as is, I think it would be just as delicious with turkey or chicken meatballs and barley or some other slow cooking grain. Below is the recipe straight from the source. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do….especially in your very own extra large Mr. Snowmug!

italian wedding soup recipe

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