Introducing Wine With Dinner Thursday!

 web17It has been way too quite around here lately and I have to apologize. Since DT died TDH and I have found it less important to be home. So we have been making plans and always seem to be on the go. Since we have been so busy,I haven’t had time (or the motivation to be honest) to write. But don’t you worry! I have still found the time to take pictures! Lots and lots of pictures of food, and wine, and all the crazy events and trips that have been taking up all my precious time!

I also think I have been trying too hard to be a perfect writer. I have been stressing over grammar and word choice and have turned what I used to love into something that feels like work. So to get myself excited about my blog again I have decided to 1) stop worry so much! and 2) start a little weekly blogging event over at my little humble blog. Every Thursday I am going to feature a wine and include a recipe that will go with that wine. Tomorrow will be the first Wine With Dinner event so stay tuned!


In other news, TDH and I got a new kitten! He’s a crazy little boy that we named Roxy after the band Roxy Music because TDH and I are really into their song “If There is Something” right now. If you haven’t heard it you should download it or watch the movie Flashbacks of a Fool. It’s such an awesome song (and a great movie!).

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