South East Asia- Chiang Mai Part 4!

Arushybpa!!! (means hello in hill tribe language). We are back from an adventure and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Eddie and I went on a hill tribe trek for two days and had an amazing time!

It started Wednesday morning. We got up and had breakfast at our Guesthouse. This is what I have been eating for breakfast in the morning. It is fresh fruit with yogurt and muesli. Doesn't it look amazing!

Then we set out on our long drive (about an hour) to the mountains. The road on the way there was very beautiful.
Our hike started on flat ground but we were soon walking through rivers,

hiking through dense forests,

and climbing steep hills!

After hiking what seemed like forever (okay, two hours) we had to stop for a rest. We stopped at the bank of the river (okay, more like a creek) while our guide set off to hunt for our food. Surprisingly, he was able to find some wild bird eggs and whipped us up a mean fried rice! (or he might have just brought premade fried rice with him on the hike). Food had never tasted so good as I did on that river bank! Then off again we went hiking through thick forests, climbing steep mountains. It was tough and there were times we thought we wouldn't make it, but we persevered. And late that night (okay, only two hours later) we ran into a small remote village. Civilization!

Our accommodations were meager ( mat, blanket, pillow, and mosquito net)

Our hut a bit primitive (leaf roofs and such), but we had a roof over our heads and that was good enough for us. The village was very primitive as well, straw huts, roofs made of leaves (oh yeah and then there were the solar panels...)

There were many dangerous and wild creatures among us! Cows and Goats!

Huge wild boars (okay cute cuddly pigs),

and wild ferocious birds (okay mama roosters and cute little chickies).

The locals were frightened at first, never seeing another human being in there life being so remote and secluded (at least not since yesterday) but we quickly made friends with them and were soon playing games with them and their primitive toys (pokemon balls).

They shied away from the camera (as you can tell) having never seen such sophisticated equipment before (at least since yesterday).

We became fast friends and were able to overcome the language barrier (by making silly faces at the camera).

That night, after dinner (Pad Thai and curry) we sat around a fire that we started with sticks (and matches).

Our guide showed us the ancient ways (of drinking beer) and we laughed and cried until the wee hours of the morning (actually at around midnight we were all pretty much ready to pass out).

After about four beers I had to pee pretty badly. Luckily I didn't have to go in the woods, although the bathrooms were not much better as you can see!
The next morning we woke to pots of fresh tea and coffee (nescafe!) and a yummy breakfast of fruit, eggs, and toast...piles and piles of toast! After eating toast until we were about to explode we set off again.

We walked through more mountains and dense forest. Along the way we encountered other villages. Some of them growing rice paddies. Isn't this field beautiful? I was impressed.

We hiked for four hours, climbing steep steep mountains and them walking deep down into the forest until we came here. A haven in the middle of nowhere, a gorgeous waterfall.

We bathed in the water and underneath the waterfall (we all STANK!!!! from the day before) and we soaked in the sun rays on the shore. It was very peaceful and beautiful.After two more hours of hiking we found a road. Desperate to find food as we were famished (okay slightly hungry and tired) we hitched a ride in the back of a pickup truck to the nearest village where we had a yummy noodle lunch.
After lunch we continued on until lo and behold! Elephants! The elephants were awesome although riding them is not as great as just admiring their enormous size and beauty. It is quite a bumpy ride and you are very high up. Climbing up and down the hills on top of a massive elephant is a little scary!
here is a baby elephant. How freakin adorable is he. I want to take him home with me!
Our elephant was quite greedy, refusing to walk unless we were constantly feeding her sugar cane and bananas.

But in the end, we became best friends! After riding the elephant we came upon a huge river (okay more like a creek) Oh no! The only way home is down the river! Good thing there are these bamboo rafts with little Thai people guiding them! We hopped on the raft and rafted down the river. It was very beautiful and serene and the bamboo rafts were very unique. Our rafting trip was the last of our adventure and took us back to the car that would drive us all back home.
Stinky, wet, exhausted, sore we all couldn't wait to get home. Eddie and I had left our passports in Bangkok to get Vietnam visas because we are flying to Vietnam tomorrow. They were supposed to be at the hotel when we got back from our trek. Of course they weren't. Oh no! What are we going to do? I was a little scared and a lot pissed! Luckily they weren't lost, just got left at the bus station. So we had to drive all the way to the bus station to get our passports.
Finally, after what seemed like forever we got back to our hotel and had a nice long hot shower. It felt so so so good! You really don't appreciate being clean until you get that dirty!

One of the best parts about the trip was all the new friends we made. Laina and Frank from Czech and Alexis and Hannah from Canadia (Inside joke)! We all went out to dinner after showering and resting a bit then Eddie went with Hannah and Alexis to get Thai massages to relieve their achy muscles.
That's it for tonight... Hanoi, Vietnam tomorrow!

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