Chiang Mai Zoo

Hi Everybody,

It's TDH again. It is day four of our adventures in Chiang Mai. Katie decided to ditch me again and go and take yet another cooking course, this time actually food instead of just food art(I better be getting some good home-cooked Thai cooking after this). Therefore I decided I would spend part of my day riding around Chiang Mai, and also going to the zoo.

I rented the moterbike again and went cruising around town. It really is a blast to do this. I went all the way back up to Doi Suthep, the same place that Katie and I went the previous day, but this time I was by myself so I was actually able to put the pedal to the metal and go up and down the hill with some speed without a screaming, scared wife whimpering in my ear. :-) This was a lot of fun, and on the way down I decided to stop at the zoo. The zoo is quite modern and is set in a jungle/forest setting outside the city. It is very pretty and still in the process of being fully completed. It was fairly empty when I was there so it was a peaceful experience for me.

At the zoo there were all sorts of animals:

Monkey sorts...

Beautiful birds who loved to yell at you as you passed...

Apparently even big kitties sleep like this. I thought it was just domestic house cats!

I have decided I love elephants very much. I have touched and played with this one up close (he was chained until his time to perform in the show, which was sad), and I have riden them in the jungle as well. They really are gentle, magnificent creatures. I wish I could spend more time with them here.

Hippos, hungry, hungry ones in fact.....they really needed their teeth brushed...

Lions.... looking at me like "hey can you leave are really disturbing my fourth nap of the day."

Tigers.... pacing back and forth who really wanted to eat me....

and bears....oh my.

The treat of the zoo for me was the lion cubs. I had so much fun playing with them and could have stayed there all day. There were other people who were waiting to get a chance though, so I had to leave sadly. They really are adorable.

There were many other animals at the zoo, even an animal show that was great and that I really enjoyed as I saw all the young Thai childern going wild over seeing all the animals perform and do some really amazing tricks. It was quite awesome and brought a big smile to my face. There also is a big panda center on site. I paid an extra 100 baht to go see the pandas, but only one was out and it was asleep with her back to us. Kinda sucked, but I did get to see it go was almost neon yellow. That was a learning experience.

Lastly, they had a walk through bird sanctuary that had a lot of different types of bird species. It was neat to see but I will not bore you with all the pictures of different birds. I was now done with the zoo and went driving back to and around Hanoi to meet back up with Katie and get ready for our trip to Hanoi. Not sure when I will be writing again but thanks for listening. I hope you all are well out there. Soon I will be saying "Good Morning, Vietnam!" See the movie if you have no idea what I am referencing. It is really good. Night night.

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