Family Christmas Photos- Playing around with Photoshop

Since this our first year of marriage and our first year of being a “family” I wanted to take a family Christmas photo that I could use to send out as a holiday card this year. Well, my family consists of a dog and a cat who do not really care to cooperate for family photos.


This was the best we could do after several attempts. At least TDH and I look decent! And the dog is actually looking at the camera. Amazing! But the cat, oh the cat! She was looking at the window thinking, “maybe if I make a run for it and jump out the window I can kill myself so this hell they are putting me through right now comes to an end!”

Afraid my kitty was going to commit kitty suicide I decide it was best to work with what we had instead of torturing her through a longer photo shoot.

So instead, I found a picture of her where she was looking at the camera and…


Photoshopped her in! What do you think? Pretty impressive huh? Ok I know she looks kind of fake but it really does look like I am holding her in my lap, right? It took me awhile to figure out how to make it look semi-real and I was pretty damn happy with the result in the end.

Now, to make it Christmassy I bought some digital scrapbooking images from Peppermint Creative and put a border around the photo.

family holiday card 2008

And this is our Christmas photo! Doesn’t it look good! Kitty actually looks real in this one, right? Just smile and nod people, smile and nod.

Merry Christmas!!!!


gnslngr said...

Hilarious sweetie, hilarious.

The Food Librarian said...

I think cats WANT to be photoshopped in because it goes with their high maintenance lifestyle! :) Cute photo and Go Bruins! :) Thanks for visiting my blog.