Fresh Garlic and Herb Spread


Eddie decided the other day that he wanted to plant his own herb garden. So he bought some basil, parsley, and oregano seeds and planted them in pots in our balcony. (We live on the 7th floor in San Francisco, we don't have a backyard so this is the best we could do!) Anyway, The plants grew....and grew... and grew...out of control. We had three little bushes! So I decided that it was time to trim them. I didn't really know what I was doing... but I had to do something or all the plants were going to suffocate and die! So the above pile of leaves is what I trimmed from our plants.


I decided to use the herbs to make a garlic and herb spread. I started by washing the herbs...very very well.


Then I placed them in the Cuisinart...


Added two tablespoons of garlic (have I mentioned how much we love garlic!)


Some salt...


And pepper.


Mince it by pulsing several times. Then scrape the sides with a spatula to get everything down to the bottom.


Then while the cuisinart is on, stream in the olive oil...


Until your spread is a nice consistent creamy texture.


Store it in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy it...


as a flavoring in homemade chicken broth (yes I know that doesn't look like chicken broth but it is...i promise!)...


as a rub on roasted chicken...


as a sauce on pizza...

There are so many ways to use this herb spread!

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