Dinner with Tam and Cam at Pazzia...Then Dessert at Their House!


Pazzia.....mmmm.....my favorite Italian restaurant in San Francisco! it is this little hole in the wall place tucked away in the SOMA district on the 3rd St. between Harrison and Folsom. We came here with our Australian friends, Tam, Cam, and Tam's "mum" who is here for Tam because she is about to have a baby!


Of course we had to get wine. This is a Toscana...I am all about Toscana's right now. They are yummy!


Here is Tam and Cam....the proud parents to be!


I started with a salad, this is a pear and arugula salad with blue cheese, walnuts, and a balsamic dressing.


Eddie had a classic Italian caprese salad that he said was amazing!


For an entree, Eddie and I shared a mozzarella and spicy sausage pizza. Yes I know there is a piece already taken. I got really into the conversation and forgot to take pictures!


Mum got the lamb...which she is obviously enjoying. It looks yummy! She said is was "beautiful."


Tam devoured her lasagna...I barely got a picture. But she's pregnant...so she has an excuse!


Cam got the spinach spaghetti with salmon and pancetta. I had this last time. It's amazing. All the pasta is homemade. This is an excellent very authentic Italian restaurant, even the servers are Italian. It has gotten so popular they are expanding and taking over the space next door!


Here is tam and her big belly. Isn't she cute!!!


And then dessert....of course we had to have dessert! We aren't big fans of Italian desserts so we decided to go over to Tam and Cam's house and bake brownies and make brownie sundaes. They were soooo good! Although sooo bad for you. I'm not even going to tell you how many calories. (yes I know how many calories....I know....it's pathetic....I can't help it!) It was worth it though! YUM!

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