10 Pounds in 5 Weeks!

The day after debuting Miranda’s glutinous blue cheese stuffed burgers I am announcing that Miranda and I are on a mission to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks! And on April Fools day no less! This is no joke, however, we are completely serious! As added motivation, I have decided to chronicle this adventure right here on my blog.

Miranda and I both have different reasons for wanting to lose ten pounds. Miranda is trying to fit into a bridesmaid dress that she bought a half size too small for her friend, Hang’s wedding on May 9th. I am trying to get back to the weight that I was before I became bulimic and started struggling with my weight, 120lbs. I am also doing this because I want to become a life coach and use my extensive knowledge of health and exercise  to help those who are overweight learn to be healthy and ultimately lose weight. I feel that to really be able to help people I should know what it is like to try to lose weight in a healthy way. Everyone says the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose so if I can do this myself I feel like I can help anyone lose weight.

Miranda and I have both been trying to lose weight for the past month without much success. Miranda has hired a personal trainer to help her workout and I have cut back drastically on my daily sugar intake and started working out daily during the week. Our problem has been food. Miranda hates cooking for herself and is not motivated to cook herself healthy dinners and I am doing well with cooking and eating healthy during the week but completely let go during the weekends. As a result, Miranda and I have both lost about a pound in one month, which is great, but we still have nine pounds to go!

Our strategy is simple, work together and be accountable to each other. We are going to help each other plan healthy meals and text each other what we eat at each meal. We are also going to go grocery shopping together. Neither of us is willing to revolve our life around dieting so we are not going to count calories or restrict carbohydrates. We will eat whole grains and limit our sugar intake by cutting out most fruits, yogurt, sugary cereal, and…desserts! That is going to be the hardest part for me. I LOVE dessert! We are also going to exercise everyday!

In addition I will be chronicling it all right here on my blog! So the challenge is on! Can Miranda and I lose ten pounds in five weeks through eating healthy, moderation, and exercise? We will see….

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Megan said...

Absolutely you can do - and good luck to you!