One Day at a Time…

It is Sunday, and as I stir in my sleep, rolling over to wrap my arm around TDH, I think to myself how nice it is to have a day where I can sleep in. I have no alarm I have to wake up to, no work to rush to, no dire tasks that need to be completed.  Ahhh, I can just lay here all day long. Unfortunately, I am not one who can sleep for half the day and be perfectly content and eventually my brain revs into full functioning mode, my dreamlike state wears off, and I realize that I have NOTHING to do today.

Well, okay, it is not that I have absolutely nothing to do today, I just have nothing I really have to or want to do today. Trying desperately to come up with something, I quickly list in my head the things that I could do:

1. Go for a run- I should, it is good for me physically and mentally and I know it will make me feel better about myself and my day. However, I can run at any point because I have nothing to do, so maybe I will hold off and run later. Besides, I always make time to workout during the week, I do not have to make myself workout during the weekend too!

2. Go Shopping- For what? I don’t NEED anything! If I go shopping I know I will end up buying something and feeling guilty about it. I really do not enjoy shopping that much anyway and it looks like it is about to rain outside and since I have no car I would have to walk there. I really do not want to walk in the rain.

4. Write in my blog- I have so many pictures that are just waiting to be turned into blog posts. I should write, I really, really should. But what should I write about? The grapefruit cheesecake, the pulled chicken sandwiches, there are just too many posts that need to be done, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

5. Look for a job- I currently have a job, it is not an awful job but I do not love it. It is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? How do I get to the point where I can do it? I should start looking for a job that I love now because if I do not start now I will end up working at jobs I do not like for the rest of my life. But what do I look for? I don’t really know what I want to do. Oh Gawd!

This is the point when I yell to myself STOP! I take a couple of deep breaths and tell myself to stop worrying so much and “ just take it one day at a time!” Sure, I have a ton of material to write about in my blog, but I do not have to write about it all today! Now that I really think about it I would rather have too much to write about than nothing at all so I really have nothing to complain about! I can just write about one topic, whatever topic I feel like writing about today! It is my blog and I will blog about what I want to! And my job really is not that bad. Sure, I do not love what I do today and may not find that perfect job tomorrow, but that does not mean it hurts to look! It does not mean I will not find that perfect job someday. Unless I never bother finding out what is out there!

I decide I need to just get out of the house for a bit and clear my mind. I grab my laptop and my rain jacket and start walking, ending up at the Border’s in the Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco. I order a green tea, grab some magazines and just relax for a bit. It is raining today. It is miserable today. I have nothing pressing to do today. It will not ruin my life or my day to just relax and do nothing productive today!

Immediately, I feel good again and decide it is time to take a gander at the wanted ads, write a blog post…and who knows, maybe even go for a run!

The moral: Take everything one day at a time and you will find yourself less stressed, more productive, and much happier!

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Angela said...

Dont know what just happened...did my come through? Oh well. In case if it didn't I think the key is to just relax and enjoy life to the fullest...And lets have that green tea together sometimes!