Bring on the Color! Part 1


MmmmmMmmmmMmmmm I love me some beets! I love the vibrant color, I love the texture, I love the slight sweetness, and I love how colorful and yummy beets make almost any salad. Now that you know my feelings towards beets you might be surprised to find out that I never really eat them anymore! Well, until recently that is. I was thinking about why that is today and I realized beets are most commonly seen in canned form (at least here in the bay area) and I don’t really buy canned food anymore. I have noticed that they sell fresh beets at the local supermarket but I always try to always buy vegetables that are on sale, and beets are never on sale! Hence the reason I never eat beets anymore! Well,  a month ago I signed up to get a bag of fresh veggies from local farmers and guess what vegetable is a frequent guest in my weekly bag? BEETS! I don’t know how I lived without them for so long! They are so good. And I don’t think I will be able to live long without them anymore. Today I will give you one of my two favorite recipes for beets. This colorful roasted beet salad is super easy to make, extremely healthy, and so so so good!

Stay tuned for my other favorite beet recipe:  Beet Red  BarleyRissotto! Say that fast ten times!roasted beet salad

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