Mehfil...The Best Indian Food in the City!


Mehfil, the little Indian Restaurant located on 2nd and Folsom in the SOMA district in San Francisco is one of our favorite restaurants in the city. We eat here almost once a week! The food is always so so so fresh, the service is always prompt, and the food is truly authentic (or at least I am assuming it is from the number of Indians I always see dining at Mehfil!)I'm warning you though, if you eat here you will leave absolutely stuffed!


The other day we came here with our friends, Miranda (the blond), Veronica (the dark haired one), and Bryan (not shown because the picture I took of him turned out horrible!).


They have a great attention to detail at Mehfil, only serving the best. Even the plates are beautiful!


Eddie and I have our staples that we always get here. One of them is Chicken Tikki Masala. If you have never tried this dish it is a must have at least once in your life. Try dipping some naan in the sauce....YUM!


This is a recent discover for us, Chicken Khorma. The chicken is so moist and delicious and the sauce is so creamy and yummy. Also absolutely delicious with naan!


This is one of my favorites, another version of Tikki Masala, but this one is with salmon. The salmon in this dish is tandoori baked and so is very moist and flaky.


And of Course we have to have some veggies! This is Benga Bharta, creamed eggplant with peas. I absolutely love the texture of this dish, it's smooth with a little crunch from the peas. The amazing thing is that I absolutely hate peas but I love them in this dish.

I usually also get another vegetable dish called Punjabi Channa Panneer, a chickepea dish with spices and cheese cubes. It's really yummy and also has a really nice texture. I often just get this dish when it's just me eating and I don't feel like stuffing myself because it's healthy and really yummy by itself without rice or naan. And very filling!


And what is Indian food without rice? They make their rice here with safron, it's so light and fluffy and absolutely delicious when mixed with Tiki Masala or Chicken Khorma.


This is a new dish we tried this time, it's a rice dish with chicken and spices....It was really yummy!


And of course what is Indian food without Naan? Naan comes in all kinds of flavors, garlic, cheese, potato, etc. But my absolute favorite is just plain butter naan. The naan at Mehfil always comes fresh, hot, fluffy, and so yummy!


And if you don't feel like using your naan to dip in your tikki masala or other Indian dishes, you can get some mango chutney to eat your naan with...


Or cucumber Yogurt sauce.


So much food! So little room in my tummy!


Yet somehow I manage to eat it all.


And so does everyone else!

P.S. if you live in the city near the SOMA district, they also deliver!

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